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Welcome to Leader In Fife

LEADER is part of the current Scotland Rural Development Programme (SRDP). It is a bottom-up method of supporting rural development through implementing Local Development Strategies. The aim of LEADER is to enhance the capacity of local rural community and business networks to build knowledge and skills and to encourage innovation and co-operation to achieve local development objectives. LEADER will deliver support of around £52m to rural areas across Scotland. More information can be found by visiting the Scottish Government Website at:


Leader In Fife

The communities of Fife have benefited from having a LEADER rural development programme since 2000. Over this time there has been a varied and interesting programme of community based projects, ranging from the development of tourist activities and attractions, through a number of community based events, to support for befriending services for isolated families.

The first LEADER Programme, operating from 2000 – 2007, provided around £750,000 of support to community groups and was added to by the LEADER in Fife Programme worth almost £1.79 million during the period 2007 – 2013. The second Programme saw the approval of 67 projects, led by 54 different applicant organisations. All of the supported projects were completed by June 2015, with the LEADER in Fife programme formally closed at that time.

Fife also benefitted from a small fisheries programme supported by the European Fisheries Fund in 2012/13. While small in scale the Fife Fisheries Programme has made a contribution to the development of two of Fife's coastal communities through successful harbour regeneration activities.

More recently the Fife LEADER Local Action Group has been working to develop a programme for the 2014 – 2020 Programme. As a result of consultation with many of Fife's rural communities the vision for the LEADER Programme (2014-2020) is:

"To enhance the quality of life in rural Fife by making a positive contribution towards creating an inclusive and sustainable local economy"



Leader in Fife 2014 - 2020

Fife LEADER are currently working to secure an allocation from the Scottish Goverment to deliver the Programme across Fife from 2014-2020.  Further updates will be given in due course.

Approved Projects 2007-2013

Fife LEADER was allocated a total of £1.79 million for the Programme 2007 - 2013 and supported a total of 67 projects.
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How To Apply

  The Fife LEADER 2014-2020 Programme is currently awaiting project eligibility guidance and application procedures from the Scottish Goverment before the programme can officially open in Fife.  However, we are now accepting Expressions of Interest. 
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LAG Member Recruitment

The Fife LEADER rural grants programme is looking for new members to implement its strategy for the 2014 – 2020 Programme.
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