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How To Apply


The Fife LEADER 2014-2020 Programme is currently awaiting project eligibility guidance and application procedures from the Scottish Goverment before the programme can officially open in Fife.  However, we are now accepting Expressions of Interest. 

 These can be submitted via the Scottish Rural Network website using the following link:


The submitted form will then be forwarded to the LEADER Team in Fife for review.  We will be in touch shortly after receipt to discuss this enquiry.


All projects must contribute to at least one of the following objectives of the Fife LEADER 2014-2020 Local Development Strategy:


  • Enhancing provision of and access to high quality services
  • Improving collaborative activities, between both businesses and communities
  • Enabling communities to develop their capacity to actively address local needs and aspirations
  • Increasing the potential of local products as well as cultural, natural, heritage and environmental assets to contribute to a sustainable economy

More information on our themes and objectives can be found in our Draft Local Development Strategy below