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LEADER is part of the current Scotland Rural Development Programme (SRDP). It is a bottom-up method of supporting rural development through implementing Local Development Strategies. The aim of LEADER is to enhance the capacity of local rural community and business networks to build knowledge and skills and to encourage innovation and co-operation to achieve local development objectives. LEADER will deliver support of around £52m to rural areas across Scotland.



Fife Leader Programme 2014 - 2020

The communities of Fife have benefited from having a LEADER rural development programme since 2000. The 2014-2020 Fife LEADER Programme is a new programme worth £3.4million, covering rural areas within North East and South West Fife. The programme will support community projects, rural businesses and farm diversification.


Our key priorities are:

  • Access - Improving access to high quality services, jobs, training opportunities and local amenities

  • Connectivity - Improving collaborative activities between both businesses and communities, and unlocking tourism potential

  • Inclusion - Reducing inequalities for residents and empowering communities to deliver more services locally

The vision for the Fife LEADER Programme (2014-2020) is:

"To enhance the quality of life in rural Fife by making a positive contribution towards creating an inclusive and sustainable local economy"


 News Update


One of our projects has launched! Read more about it in The Courier:

A map of the eligible areas can be found here: Fife LEADER Eligible Area14.42 MB

More information about Leader can be found by visiting the  Scottish Government Website




Fife Leader 2014 - 2020

Fife LEADER have secured an allocation from the Scottish Goverment to deliver the Programme across Fife from 2014-2020.

How To Apply

The Fife LEADER 2014-2020 Programme is now accepting Expressions of Interest for projects that benefit the rural community or economy in North East and South West Fife. 
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  Upcoming  Fife LEADER Events where you can come along and meet the Fife LEADER team and ask questions about the programme and how it may assist your project
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Approved Projects 2007-2013

Fife LEADER was allocated a total of £1.79 million for the Programme 2007 - 2013 and supported a total of 67 projects.
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